Why Fly With Freespeed

  • The Freespeed team has been safely and professionally servicing the flight needs of VIP’s around the world for over 30 years. The president of Freespeed has personally flown and coordinated complicated logistics and safe operations for Heads of State and other high ranking diplomats, television sports personalities, star athletes, Grammy winning musicians, High Net Worth Individuals, and award winning movie and television stars, producers, and directors during that time. This coordination extends from the planning of the flight through the efficient and seamless delivery to the final destination at the completion of the flight.
  • Staffed by industry experts with years of FAR Part 135 air charter experience, combined with the insider knowledge of corporate flight department operations taking care of High Net Worth Individuals for over 15 years.
  • ARGUS and WYVERN safety system credentials are checked prior to each flight.
  • FAA authorizations of target air charter operators are thoroughly reviewed by Freespeed with the knowledgeable insight of someone who has been the Chief Pilot of an FAR Part 135 air charter operator conducting worldwide large jet operations.
  • Air Carrier & Insurance certificates are validated for currency and proper authorizations and limits.
  • Flight specific operations, aircraft, and flight crews are all scrutinized personally by Freespeed’s president, who himself has over 30 years of flight experience with over 8,000 hours of military and corporate jet time.
  • Airports, runways, weather, slots, and air traffic impact analysis are evaluated by your Freespeed team, again, with the insight that is only achieved by actually conducting flights as an operator, experience which most charter brokers lack as they conduct their searches as salespeople with little or no actual aviation experience.
  • Customer Care is Second to None… Our unofficial motto is “We won’t put you in an aircraft that we wouldn’t personally fly ourselves with our own families on board”. You know that you’re not just being ‘sold’ a flight to make a charter sale. Your flight is specifically chosen as the best match for your needs, with specific attention given to modern avionics, proper engine and airframe maintenance, safety record, and pilot currency and credentials.
  • Freespeed’s culture embodies a spirit of individual attention to detail, and promotes a trusting, personable relationship by assigning a personal concierge to fulfill all your travel needs.
  • Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our dedicated concierge aviation consultants will oversee all details of your trip and care for you, your clients, your guests, and most importantly your family, until you’ve returned safely home.

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