Why Fly Private

  • Hassle free travel with no security lines or stress ~ Making your travel experiences effortless. Once you fly private, you’ll never want to fly first class again!
  • Worldwide destinations on your schedule ~ Not theirs
  • Ultimate service, convenience and privacy ~ Not available anywhere except on a private aircraft
  • Quick and flexible location access ~ Drive directly to your awaiting jet or turboprop
  • Your office away from the office ~ Stay productive with airborne telephone. **Not all aircraft are WIFI or FAX equipped, please inquire upon making your booking”)
  • Pets, bikes, skis, excess luggage *** Please tell your charter concierge if you have any of these or similar items to ensure that the aircraft chosen is suitable.
  • No commitment and no investment ~ No need to purchase “fractional shares” or “jet cards”. If you have already invested in these luxuries, hold them for when you need a last minute guaranteed flight (at the much higher cost associated with these programs), and use Freespeed for your future bookings to ensure maximum savings and cost efficiency, while still ensuring the best aircraft from the safest charter operators
  • Luxurious aircraft selections ~ The latest in comfort & technology
  • Freespeed Aviation, as a distinct industry leader, delivers the most effective aircraft charter solutions through its ability to tap the access of every charter operator in the world, including thousands of jets and turboprops that may be currently available to you, but not normally based at your local airport
  • Utilizing a fleet of jets from qualified and carefully selected FAA and EASA Certified Air Carriers, we provide constant support to complete the most demanding domestic or worldwide missions.
  • Steadfastly committed to safety, our high standards are unwavering and uncompromising.
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